Member Responsibility Notice

You play an important role as a member of the Bricklayers and Trowel Trades International Pension Fund -Canada (the "Plan"). Your understanding and responding to the following responsibilities can help to ensure that the benefits you accrue under the Plan will supplement your personal retirement savings and objectives.

General -Your responsibilities include understanding:

  • Retirement savings and your retirement goals and needs
  • The resources to assist in your retirement planning
  • The benefit and the optional forms of pension provided by the Plan
  • The information provided to you

If necessary, you should attend meetings and pension related seminars that are offered by your Local Union, and seek information from other sources, such as newspapers, books, magazines and financial advisors.

Entitlements - Regularly review:

  • The benefit accruing under the Plan in your name by referred to your annual benefit statement
  • Any other retirement savings you may have

Personal Information

  • You are responsible for providing accurate personal information to your employer and the Administration Services Provider
  • You should review your periodic statements and notify the Administration Services Provider of any errors or omissions
  • You should register for the BAC Member Portal to review your Fund office record including annual statements and most recent hours reported by your employer(s) on your behalf.
  • You are encouraged to share information about your retirement savings plans with your beneficiary

Retirement Benefit

You are responsible for determining the financial needs for your retirement. If you wish to have or require retirement planning advice, you are encouraged to see a qualified independent financial advisor at your own cost.


You have a right to request additional information about the Plan. Please contact the Bricklayers and Trowel Trades International Pension Fund - Canada Member Services Department by calling (888)880-8222 or email at should you have any inquiries or complaints, require additional information or wish to see the plan documents.