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International Health Fund’s BAC Cares Program Partners With Rally®

2018 Issue 4
International Funds

To further its wellness efforts and to encourage preventive care, in January 2019, the International Health Fund (IHF) is adding the United Healthcare Rally® program to its host of services of the BAC Cares wellness program.

Rally® is a website and mobile app that will help members and their families improve their health and earn rewards along the way. Rally gives personalized recommendations to help you get more active, eat healthier, and feel better every day:

  • See your Rally age – start by taking a health survey to see your Rally age – a measure of your overall health.
  • Accept your Missions – based on your Rally age, you’ll get a list of easy, fun custom-picked missions to try – all designed to help you eat better, lift your fitness level and even improve your mood.
  • Take on a Challenge – use the Rally app to track your activity and compete with other Rally members to earn extra rewards.
  • Connect with a Coach – talk on the phone and work together to create a personalized healthy-living plan that works with your lifestyle.

Members will earn rewards in the form of Rally® coins for activities such as completing a health survey, getting an annual physical, and/or participating in a Disease Management Program. Rally coins can then be exchanged for prizes including an Apple Watch, a BAC Jacket, or even a donation to the BAC Disaster Relief Fund.

Musculoskeletal conditions continue to be one of the top five diagnoses among the IHF members, representing 12% of medical care needs. As a result, the IHF will implement United Healthcare’s Spine and Joint Solutions program beginning February 1, 2019. This program will help to improve health outcomes for members and, at the same time, reduce costs for knee, hip, and spine procedures.

The IHF continues to find innovative ways to combat rising health care costs by implementing programs that target the specific needs of BAC members and their families. This is accomplished by keeping members continuously engaged in their health care and offering programs such as Rally® and Spine and Joint Solutions programs. Additionally, members and their families enjoy the ongoing biometric screenings offered at regional health fairs as well as the Real Appeal® introduced last October. A fun and engaging plan, Real Appeal® helps participants lose weight and reduce risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease, based on decades of proven clinical research. Most members lost an average of 10 pounds after completing only four sessions of the program. The overall satisfaction rating for participants is 4.78 out of 5.

“The IHF’s vision is to provide top quality health care benefits to our members and their families. By implementing the Rally program, we are providing our members with a tool that is fun, interactive and rewarding,” the IHF Executive Director Robin Donovick said. “Encouraging members to become more engaged in their health and to take healthy actions to improve the quality of their lives is beneficial to the health of not only the individual but also the Plan.”


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